Monday, December 14, 2009

Doraemon Short Movie with Bahasa Indonesia or English subtitle

Like i've promised, here are a few Doraemon short movie. Some of that with English Subtitles, and the other have Bahasa Indonesia subtitle.


2112 The Birth of Doraemon

2112 Birth of Doraemon
.avi Size :239 MB
| Mirror (Indonesian)

Nobita no Kekkonzenya (Nobita's Night Before Wedding)

Nobita no Kekkonzenya.mkv (English Hardsub) Size : 287 MB

Nobita - The Day When I was Born

The Day when I was Born.wmv Size : 171 MB
English Subtitle : Link 1 | Link 2

Nobita - A Grandmother Recollections

Memories of Grandmother.avi
Size : 270 MB (English Hardsub)

Dorami Hello Little Dinosaurs

Dorami Hello Little Dinosaur.wmv Size : 399 MB
English Sub : Link 1 | Link 2

Doraemon - The Great Operation Springing Insect

Operation of Springing Insect.avi Size : 175 MB
Eng - Ind Subtitle : Link 1 | Link2

Credit to Original Uploader and Subber



  1. :madesu: :gomen: :asu:

  2. huah yang Nobita Baru Lahir buat gue :terharu: aja setelah gue :listen: and liat videox bikin nangis,., :sembah: deh.,. bagus bgt ., pdhal kan udah lama (videox) tpi ga ttp ninggalin makna iank b'arti wat kta
    Jadi :top: deh wat Fujiko F fujio !

    from :madesu: .com

  3. :hahai: + :haha: = :stress:

  4. Do you still have more download links aside from from indowebster, like mediafire,etc.? Because I can't download the file from their site, it's either always stops, broken, or downloading at a speed of 100 bytes per second, maybe because I'm in the Philippines and I've poor connection with addresses in Indonesia. Thank you!

  5. all links are dead in mediafire

  6. yg Grandmother's recollection juga bikin Terharu :terharu: , sampe gak sadar air mata ni menetes :cry:
    Terima kasih Fujiko F Fujio

  7. good shortlist, keep up to date for the film. thanks a lot. Di tambah aja film doraemon yang bahasa Indonesia